Joining Forces

Nick Lievendag and Patrick Deen decided to join forces an founded Captain Motion, a new Creative Studio that focusses on creating Visuals for Brands & Events. On top of Concept & Creation, they also utilize their combined experience with clients accross different industries to offer a Consultancy service to help businesses discover the power of Animated Visuals.


or follow Captain's Log for a peak behind the scenes.

The History

Nick Lievendag started doing Motion Design Work under the name Frame Fridge in 2006. Over the years, his Freelance business transformed into a Studio and his focus changed from the TV industry to creating motion design concepts for businesses and events.

In 2010 the Studio moved from Amsterdam to his hometown Haarlem, where he met Patrick Deen. During their collaboration on serveral projects for the Explainimate division of Frame Fridge, they discovered a shared vision on Design, Animation and Visual Effects.